I am still working on a best of or rather bits of 2018 as there were so many wonderful (and some not so wonderful) moments of 2018 that I wanted to include and share. But silly me to think that I could hash out a blog post with all the images I wanted to include - so that may take me awhile. But I didn’t want that to stop me from blogging since that is one of my new years resolution - BLOG MORE — and especially, more consistently…so here I go.. Also, I never really know whether to do the whole we thing since most of the time this company is just me. But if you’ve found me on the Knot or Wedding Wire - it probably says we and us on there. PLUS did you know that Wedding Wire rewrote all their vendor profiles?! I know, wtf! You can approve it or change it but it still needs to be within their own guidelines and apparently I can only call myself my business name on there so it sounds like I’m like just this company and not a human behind the curtain…so just so you know - on here..I will be more me..that means, there may be some slight grammatical errors like - not capitalizing the i - because, it throws of my typing (yes, i can be lazy..its my blog so..yeah…sorry! -not really sorry) and i pretty much will type/write/blog how i talk..and hopefully if you’re already my client - this is something you are used to since you’ve seen my emails…anyhoo without further ado…..here’s the first blog post of 2019!!!

Cherlyn Wagner