Your wedding day is almost here and I can’t wait to document this day and celebrate alongside you two. If you have any questions or need help in completing this form - let me know!!

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Client's Name
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Where you can receive packages.
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Emergency Contact Number on Wedding Day
Timeline Schedule Information
The following is typical minimums for how long to expect various things to take.
Of course, the more time we allow, the less stressful (and more photographically creative!) the day can be. :) Also, be sure to plan for travel time, including time to get into and out of vehicles and walking between buildings. Bridal party photographs: 30 minutes minimum, 1 hour suggested Bride and groom: 30 minutes minimum, 1 hour suggested Family photographs: 30 minutes (if the suggested "6 shots" system below is used) Couple+Bride/Groom's family, including siblings Couple + Bride/Groom's Parent's Bride/Groom+parents only Bride/Groom+siblings Bride/Groom+mom Bride/Groom+dad Additional tips: Depending if you will have professional hair/makeup - most brides allot between 2-3 total hours for makeup/hair, and general getting ready for the day - especially if there is a professional makeup & hair stylist hired. If you will have one makeup artist to do the bride & the bridal party. It is best to have the all bridesmaids done with hair and makeup before the bride, so that the bridal party is all dressed & made up to help get bride into her dress so that everyone looks amazing in the photos. Allow time to put on the dress and jewelry as well - especially with an elaborate dress. A corseted or buttoned dresses should be allowed at least 25-30 minutes, while zip-up dresses need about 10-15 minutes. Please have all jewelry and shoes at your room where you will be getting ready as well as any other heirlooms you would like photos of - only have these IF you wish for these to be photographed {Most of the time, these photos may not mean much to you now, but for the years to come - for your children, your children's children and so on - it's something nice to have, in case the actual piece is lost before being passed down}
Having a first look with your groom will also allow all the formal portraits to take place BEFORE the ceremony, giving you two more time to be with your guests and even enjoy the cocktail hour AFTER the ceremony. Trust me in that, your groom can still get emotional when he sees you walking down the aisle, and so will you! - but strictly your choice!
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Ceremony Start Time
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Approximate End Time
Ceremony Address
Ceremony Address
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Reception Start Time
How will your guests be served
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Reception Address
Please tell us how many people will be giving a speech/toast during reception. From my experience, having up to 4 toasts is plenty and I would caution you on opening up the mic to everyone as this will definitely add or cut into your reception time because it will be difficult to stop or know when to stop the next person going up on the mic. If you would like to add our photo booth for a video capture message, let us know. This would be a great way to get those people who want to share in the spotlight on congratulating you.
Wedding Party Formals
Even though I am a candid & documentary style photographer - I will still take photos of posed groupings - such as wedding party formals and of course family formals. There is no need to list out groupings since this is a typical item and therefore we will go though the typical groupings, but please do list out your wedding party: Bridesmaids & Groomsmen. Thank you.
Family Formals
Below you will find suggested family formal combinations. Please fill in the sections for the formal group shots you wish to have. PLEASE make sure to indicate both the name of the person in the shot and their relationship to the bride/groom. (Please remember that due to the unpredictable nature of weddings, no specific shot is absolutely guaranteed. Allow for 10 minutes for each shot, and 5 minutes for each additional combo)
Name of designated "wrangler" - who will help gather the family for these portraits *
Name of designated "wrangler" - who will help gather the family for these portraits
It is important that you assign someone who will not be needed in all of the groupings and who is not part of the wedding party. If you have a wedding coordinator - please leave their name here.
Wranglers Contact Number *
Wranglers Contact Number
Please keep this to a minimum of VIP extended circle - this will add time to formals but leave less time for you to enjoy cocktail hour.
We will do our best to accommodate, but may be restricted due to time constraints.
FAQs about shot lists & portraits
You may be wondering - where can I list the items I don't see on here that I want photographed too, like my dress, our rings or shoes, or even my decor or my mom helping me in my dress or my bridesmaids with me getting ready and all that jazz. Don't worry - those will be photographed as well, because I will be capturing what is going on during your day - so if it is happening and I'm there - trust that it will be captured! There is no need to list most items for a shot list, because these are already typical things we look for and capture - such as your flowers, jewelry, and even your veil. In the candid moments of your day - especially when you are getting ready, we are capturing you interacting with your loved ones. If however you have anything outside of tradition - please let me know and or complete it in the section below. Thank you.
Yes! #struttingdowntheaisle
We do ask that we be allowed to eat when the wedding party/head table or first round of guests are served, so that we are ready to take photos during toasts. SOME venues & caterers choose to feed us at the very end after guests but if this happens - we will not get to eat and pass out from exhaustion and hunger, thus making it difficult to work :) Please advise the venue or caterer beforehand - THANK YOU!
Vendor Information
This section allows me to credit your other vendors when I show photographs of their hard work online. Please fill out to the best of your ability. Names are great- and a link to the vendor's website/instagram profile or just their handle would be awesome! :) If a website is not available, a form of contact such as e-mail or phone number is fabulous. Thank you!