Brittany & Dan | A Yosemite Engagement

Brittany & Dan found me by way of Brittany’s coworker Jade - who I had the honor of capturing her wedding as well as another friend of hers too in 2018 (I’ll be blogging about it too) - I know I am so lucky to have the clients I have!

Brittany & Dan are avid adventurers and actually - Dan himself is a very talented nature photographer, which made shooting their engagement session in Yosemite National Park a bit of challenge for me cause shooting a talented photographer’s session can cause all sorts of fears and self doubting to arise….but it was easy to quiet those irrational fears, as Brittany & Dan are such nice fun people that it was easy to be around them and just take in the beauty of Yosemite and get to know the two of them better. I don’t know about you but - wow Yosemite. I’ve been on multiple occasions and in different parts and it is still as majestic as when I first stepped foot in the park when I was a kid. Landscapes like Yosemite just remind me of the beauty in this world and how incredibly small I am and how I fit into it. But it is also a reminder to help keep the beauty of it and to do our part and leave no trace when we visit such beautiful natural wonders.

Anyway, I’ll shut up now….