A Destination Wedding in Mexico | Destination Wedding Photographer

I hear on the FB groups a lot whether to book a wedding during an important date like your partner’s birthday or your own wedding anniversary. Well, this destination wedding was close to our own wedding anniversary so before we arrived to document Jess + Greg’s destination wedding at Cancun, Mexico’s The Secrets the Vine resort  - Charlie and I headed to Tulum first to celebrate a few days in advance and also stayed afterwards. Which made it easier to head over to Cancun, since we were already in Mexico. In case you all didn’t know, there was a time in the early days of my business, that my husband Charlie - was my seasoned second shooter. Made it super convenient and also why the company name started as C Wagner Photography - because both our names started with a C. Charlie’s photography background was more in street documentary projects and music concerts since a bunch of his friends were in bands and played a lot in San Francisco (we had our reception at the Make Out Room where his friends played). Over time though and the more work I had on weekends and some that would take me traveling - it became apparent that it was best we hired another wedding photographer as my second shooter instead of hiring someone to watch our kids and he’d stay home. Besides, he never liked working with me anyway LOL. But I hope that will change once the kids become old enough to fend for themselves and we can all travel together.

The Secrets the Vine resort is an all-inclusive resort set on the beach overlooking the beautiful and bold Caribbean Sea. I’ve actually shot in Cancun in other resorts - a few more times after this and I can say, this resort’s location with the clear Caribbean Sea is simply breathtaking. The staff, like at most resorts were always impeccable. Since I had Charlie with me, who is fluent in Spanish and is himself a Spanish teacher - we did often speak to everyone in Spanish as I was trying to improve my Spanish language skills - but on some occasion the staff wanted us to speak in English. Most of the time it was only when we had dinner, as it helped them practice and improve their skills too.

I really loved my time in Mexico with Jess + Greg’s family and friends. We met up with Jess + Greg a couple of days before their wedding and got to hang out a bit since before this we had only met on skype as they were living in Boston at the time. What I remember the most is how hilarious Greg was throughout our time there and that their family and friends were so welcoming and kind. I had no idea Greg’s sister was such a talented amazing singer - she sang a little something during the reception. All in all they knew how to celebrate and have fun.

Full disclosure- it was actually kind of anxiety ridden (also cause Jess is an art director!) cause I didn’t know whether it was ok to enjoy myself while also working…not that I don’t always have a good time while I’m working - but this was just different considering we were at a resort! After their celebrations, and I uploaded, backed up images a few times over, I could finally relax. Often my couples ask to have a drink with them or really want me to get on the dance floor and enjoy the celebration fully along with their guests - but I always make sure I’ve captured their day and story first and foremost. Now whenever I do have to travel for weddings or engagement, I know to give myself at least 2 days to calm my nerves and relax and reset. Plus traveling when working can really take a toll as there are a lot of logistics to plan out carefully.

Anyhoo…It was a special time for sure and I can’t wait to be back again. We have plans to visit Tulum again and definitely Mexico City - being an Art History major and lover of the art scene - it is on the top of my list!