Monday Musings | March Week 3


So, if you’ve been following along - you probably caught me skipping a Monday musings! Don’t hate me - life happened. March has been a full full busy and abundant month - and so THANK YOU universe! Keep bringing it!

I stayed up SOOOOO LATE last night (early this morning) finishing up a few projects and editing an amazing San Francisco City Hall session and during my editing - I usually watch netflix (or hulu) on another monitor. I started watching the third season of Queer Eye - and oh my … tears. LOTS OF TEARS… I absolutely loved the first season and the second season - not so much. So this new season has me …sigh all over again. That one about the Jones’ sisters - man, if you are an entrepreneur running your own business….or heck a mom at home or working - it’s a good one. SELF CARE, SELF LOVE PEOPLE!!!

It’s funny cause I remember my husband using that line of putting the oxygen mask on yourself first before others, including your child. This always had me feeling weird and wrong. But if I were to be honest - the thinking of putting the mask on my child first before me was always to uphold that choosing that - was making me the better mother. Which is false - because it just made me a dead or burnt out mom. If I’m not taken care of and at my 100%, how do I expect to be the best me to be able to take care of my kids? It always felt so selfish to think of myself, to buy things for myself, to spend more money or any money just on me and not my family. This is something I am working on and know that I will continue to.

Anyhoo..I’m trying to get back into reading and drawing again so if you have any suggestions on some books I should be reading - I love mostly fiction and some historical fiction. Last books I read and liked were Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore and The Woman in the Window.

I hope your Monday starts off great and motivated into the start of your week!

I’ll leave you with a note from the interwebs that I enjoyed and had me thinking…

what if what you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for
— unknown