Vicky & Terence | San Francisco Engagement Session

I was fortunate to have Vicky & Terence find me by way of Vicky's good friend who happens to be a wedding planner I've worked with and recommended me. They've been dating for 12 years come this November! Recently, we got to hang out and take some photos around San Francisco. And here are some of those images! 

These two met while they were both working at Macy's right after high school. Vicky says she had to train him on how to fold towels since they worked in the bed & bath department.

From Vicky on how Terence proposed:

"We got engaged at Crater Lake in Oregon. We had kept planning to go but I kept pushing it off because work was crazy. I didn't know Terence had the ring all this time! We finally settled on going in September 2017. We were walking around Rim Village which is the first view of Crater Lake you get. Terence was waiting for a good time to propose while no one was around us, since I'm a pretty private person. He told me he had a surprise, and I thought he was giving me candy since he packs candy on our road trips for me. It wasn't was a fanny pack because I had been wanting one for a while and inside the fanny pack was the ring! It was a great moment because it was just us and our dogs who obviously were just having fun exploring the snow around us."

Aren't they cute?!

 I can't wait to document their September wedding at Fitz Place, a premiere San Francisco Bay area wedding venue.