Surprise Proposal | Montara State Beach

A throwback to that time I shot a surprise proposal for the awesome company- Flytographer, at Montara State Beach. 

Shooting a surprise proposal is always nerve wracking, but I’m sure not as much as for the one about to propose. On this day, she was running a little late coming from the south bay as there was traffic and we were losing light! I tried to keep calm and let him know that whenever she gets here - all will be fine.

And all was certainly fine…because she said YES!

There is a lot of planning & logistics that go along with documenting a surprise proposal and one of the most important key elements is - communication! Just like with any relationship. Usually, at least a few days before - we touch base - usually the person who will be proposing contacts me or puts my number in their cell phone as someone else - like MOM or a co-workers name so that if their partner sees - we haven’t blown our cover! Because I’ve shot all over the bay area - I can advise on the best spots to get down on one knee, But most often clients have a specific feel or spot they already have in mind where they’d like to propose. So, if it’s a spot I haven’t yet shot at, I will make a visit prior to the day so that I know all the quirks, nooks & crannies (plus find areas for parking!) for me to have the best position as well as not be as conspicuous. If you are interested in finding out more about surprise proposal coverage - contact me!

Oh yeah, and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Or my favorite - Galentine’s day!!! What do you have planned for today?!